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What's New 150 Year Old Pump
Civil War Relic

Longo has been called in to remove/repair/replace some very large motors and pumps and some that have been around far too long. When we saw this one we knew it was something special. The pump you see here is a Worthington pump circa 1870. Yes, that is service since the end of the Civil War, for 150 years!

We are always willing to try to repair a pump, but sometimes it just isn't really feasible. And that applies to pumps a lot younger than this one. It is interesting that the pump here was able to function all these years. You might say it gave its all and now it is done.

Being in place that long means things get a bit organic, becoming one after a while. The application of rust remover is not the answer for a pump this old. The torch work shown here was necessary since the bolts holding the pump in place had rusted into one solid mass.

Covering the Delaware Valley

Longo's commitment to the Philadelphia market is stronger than ever with the addition of John LaTorre as the Longo Field Sales Representative for the region.

We're proud to have John as an integral part of our sales team. His experience as a sales engineer ranges from power transmission to facilities management. With John's multifaceted background he is well versed in diagnosing and ultimately solving our customers' problems. Having been on both sides of the customer supplier fence, he appreciates a sense of urgency and takes care of problems quickly and efficiently. He has a bachelor's degree from Villanova and a master's degree from Webster University as well as an early career in the Marines.

John LaTorre can be reached at 215-499-8120 or