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Motor Service & Sales

To repair or replace a motor is a major decision and you need to have all your options spelled out. One of Longo's primary advantages is our ability to do this in a clear and concise manner.

Many older motors can be rebuilt, but you still have an inefficient motor when it is done. Considering the increased efficiency, it can make sense to simply replace the old motor with a premium efficient one. These are built to work with drives and controls that can even further improve the long term cost reduction. Longo can provide all the data from rebuild to new motors with drives so you have the data to make your decision a lot easier.

Our experienced customer service and field service technicians make sure the new motors fit and function in the old locations by ensuring the specifications match the old installation.

As an ISO 9001 company we follow rigorous detail oriented repair plans designed to produce the highest quality and most reliable repairs. Testing and inspection is an integral part of our extensively documented repair procedures.

Utilize These Longo Motor Advantages...
  • Above NEMA Motors
  • Open Drip Protected NEMA Motors
  • NEMA Vertical Motors - Synchronous Motors
  • Medium Voltage Motors to 6,000 HP
  • Single-Phase - DC - Metric - Gear - Explosion Proof
  • DC - Wound Rotor - Brake - Permanent Magnet Motors
  • Generators

  • 15,000 HP rewind/redesign
  • 30 MW hydrogenerators
  • 100 MW turbogenerators
  • Random wound small motors to 13 KV formed coil windings
  • Vacuum Impregnation(VPI) with (Temperflex ®) resin
Distributor for: AC Tech, Eaton Engineering Services, GE, Siemens
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