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Project Spotlight: Pharmaceutical Cooling Towers

There are few things that will derail a business more quickly than attempting to operate old, unreliable and inefficient equipment. So when a client in the pharmaceutical industry found themselves in exactly that position with their cooling towers, they reached out to Longo to provide some major upgrades.

Longo Authorized as UL 508 Listed Control Panel Manufacturer

Longo is proud to announce that, as of July 2018, we have earned official authorization as a UL 508 Listed panel shop, allowing us to apply the widely recognized UL Mark on all industrial control panels we manufacture. Our hope is that this latest distinction will provide our customers with added confidence in their custom control panels, knowing that they are designed, constructed and underwritten according to the standards set forth by UL.

Project Spotlight: Instrumentation Calibration

Instrumentation systems of all types – especially those that monitor and control specific operational processes – require at least some bit of maintenance over time. The work could be as simple as cleaning or lubricating parts, or for more sophisticated systems, applying a set of standards to an instrument to measure the accuracy of its outputs.